Smart Camera

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Smart home systems have become increasingly popular due to their ability to provide a higher level of safety and security. The camera app was developed with the new features of person detection and automatic alarm to provide users with a more comprehensive and intuitive way to protect their families and homes.

Smart Camera App


The main challenge in designing the product were to create a reliable person detection algorithm and to integrate automatic alarm features that did not produce too many false alarms. In order to achieve this goals, a user-centered design process was employed, including research, user testing, and iterative design cycles.

Smart Camera App
Smart Camera App
Smart Camera App


The final design successfully integrated the new features while maintaining a user-friendly interface. The app includes adjustable activity zones for detection, an automatic alarm feature that sends notifications to the user's phone, and an alarm siren that deters potential intruders. User testing was incorporated into the design process, resulting in a final product that is intuitive, reliable, and easy to use.


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