Get out of my photo

Photo series

The pictures on this site have been captured on different journeys over the last couple of years. After the exploration of urbanity and street photography the »Get out of my photo« project shifts the focus to the intersection of artificial scenery and landscape photography.

Get out of my photo
No Palms in LA, 2013

Sometimes photography is to observe from close up and sometimes from afar. It is a representation of reality and abstraction at the same time, an image of the world that has already passed. My aim is to trace the specific mood of a situation or place and capture it — for eternity.

Swim good
Swim Good, 2013
Runaway, 2016

»Reality has always
been constructed,
artificial, virtual.«

Peter Weibel

Wood-Wood, 2015
Areal, 2009

»The photographer Daniel Bretzmann has a vision of the photography settled in time. For him, a pictured is a representation of a place that belongs to the past. He catches pictures of cities and landscapes, that look enigmatic and where the time look to be suspended, to give these places eternity.«

Mars, 2016
Lights, 2013

»The intensity of the image is equal to its denial of the real.«

Jean Baudrillard

Redefine Paradise, 2016
Eternity, 2009


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