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Daniel Bretzmann is a User Experience Designer from Germany, with over a decade of practical experience. Currently, he focuses on designing smart homes at Bosch. Outside of design, Daniel is a passionate photographer with a vision of pictures settled in place and time.

Daniel studied Communication Design at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart and completed the master's program in European Media at the University of Portsmouth. He has worked as an Art Director for Jung von Matt and Strichpunkt Design, specializing in interaction design, art direction, and graphic design. In 2010, he founded his own design studio Eyegix and collaborated with various clients, including renowned brands and leading design agencies.

Daniel also accomplished a personal milestone in 2021 with the publication of his first photo book "Landing Hong Kong". His work has received international recognition, and his designs have been featured in respected design books, magazines, and online publications. Since 2015, he has been a part of a Bosch startup, contributing to the development of the smart home experience of the future.

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FWA Mobile Award, Awwwards, New York Festivals, New Media Award, Eurobest Live, Art Directors Club, Epica Awards, May 1st Reboot, Bosch Quality Award, Karl-Steinbuch-Stipendium


Landing Hong Kong, Blurb Inc., 2021
Endless Tokyo, Blurb Inc., 2023


Enterprise Design Thinking Co-Creator
Enterprise Design Thinking – Team Essentials for AI
Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner


Art Directors Club Jahrbuch, Design Made In Germany, Fubiz, Design And Design, Corporate & Collection, Typography Vol. 2, Twohundredby200 magazine, Graphic Design Vol. 3, Letterheads & Business Cards Vol. 2, Website Design Vol. 3, Signs Symbols & Pictograms, Web Design Index Vol. 9, Basic Logos, Graphic Design Vol. 2, Web Design Index Vol. 8, Around Europe Promotion