Endless Tokyo

Fragments of reality

The photo book Endless Tokyo is your passport to the city of Tokyo as rarely seen by travelers. Through the lens of photographer Daniel Bretzmann, you will discover Tokyo as you have never seen it before.

Endless Tokyo: Fragments of reality

Fragments of reality

Each photograph is a tribute to the beauty of a moment, a representation of reality and abstraction at the same time. In a time when AI has generated more images than photographers have in 150 years, this book invites you to explore the boundaries of reality. Within these pages, you will encounter Tokyo as a paradox — a city that thrives on order and structure while dancing on the precipice of constant change and chaos. It is a city where old meets new, and where hidden beauty lies beneath the surface.

Endless Tokyo: Fragments of reality
Endless Tokyo: Fragments of reality
Endless Tokyo: Fragments of reality

What is real in this digital age?

This book is not just about photos; it also raises the question of what »real« actually still means in our digital age. Explore Tokyo's unique blend of tradition and modernity, and get a glimpse of the captivating moments that define this bustling metropolis.

Endless Tokyo: Fragments of reality

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Size: 20x25 cm | Pages: 84
Language: English, Japanese
ISBN: 979-8210811950

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